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Select Technical Talks.

  • 05/2018: “Blended Conditional Gradients” at Monash University [slides] (unfortunately the animations do not work; see [arXiv] for exact algorithm)
  • 04/2018: “Emulating the Expert: Inverse Optimization through Online Learning” at the “Optimization and Discrete Geometry” Workshop in Tel Aviv [slides] [arXiv]
  • 02/2018: “Lazy Conditional Gradients through Simpler Oracles” at ITA 2018 [slides]

Select Non-technical Talks.

  • 04/2018: “When the AI God fails: Recent Adventures in AI Hacking, Security, and Fairness” at the Hong Kong Analytics Community Meeting [slides]
  • 01/2018: “Machine Learning and Decision-making in the Real-World” at the 275th Anniversary Symposium of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg [slides]